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Hello, my name is Lorelei. When I was 10, I started a company called Thankful Trinkets where I would donate 100% of proceeds from the sale of jewelry I created to a children’s hospital in Chicago, where I am originally from. It was a wonderful introduction into the world of giving but it was a lot to do all on my own. That is one great reason why I am happy to be able to join Kids Care Disaster Relief. I am also very excited to begin working with my friends on our painting projects, as painting and photography are some of my greatest passions. Joining Kids Care, I am able to combine my love of the arts and my dedication for helping people.

Going through a natural disaster is terrifying and the effects of it can last for much longer than expected. Selling items at special events to raise funds for victims of natural disasters is a wonderful cause because we are able to provide financial support for people in that situation to be able to obtain necessary things like; shelter, water, medical supplies, clothing, food, any other things you would never think or hope you would need after a natural disaster. During Hurricane Irma we were displaced from our home and it was a terrifying feeling not knowing whether or not our home was going to be there when we returned. I can’t imagine what it must feel like for those that have lost everything.

Thank you for supporting us with our efforts!

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