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The things you take for granted are gone.

Hurricane Michael 10/10/2018

Hurricane Michael 10/10/2018

      My name is Kristina Podlasek I am seventeen years old. I am also a 11 grader at IMG Acadeemy in Bradenton, Florida. I enjoy golf, fishing and all outdoor activities. 

     The reason I came up with Kids Care Disaster Relief is because I saw pictures of the devastation on the news of Hurricane Michael on 10/10/2018.

     I know how hard it is to go through a hurricane because I went through Hurricane Irma last year. Irma wasn't nearly as powerful as Hurricane Michael. I can not even imagine how terrifying it must have been. When there is no air condition. no power, and no resources, it is very hard to get through your everyday life. 



     My goal is to raise money for any disaster that hits the U.S., and to have any children that are interested in Kids Care Disaster Relief to help. I am hopeful that by Christmas we will have raised enough money to send to Mexico Beach to at least help to celebrate the holidays. I will be giving the funds raised directly to the major Al Cathey in Mexico Beach, Florida.

     For any other hurricanes, or natural disasters we will make bracelets raise money for those issues as well. I can't wait for more people and kids to help and join this mission. I believe that all children can make a big difference from something so simple.

100% of our proceeds are getting donated directly to the hurricane victims. Some of our sponsors pay for all the expenses, like buying the bracelets, envelope and stamps. Please keep sharing our site and don't forget to leave a comment.

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Hurrican Michael 10/10/2018

Kids Care Disaster Relief

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Hurricane Ian 09/28/2022


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