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With the height of hurricane season upon us; this year  we are focusing our efforts to help those affected by Hurricane Dorian. This massive storm has already devastated the Bahamas and is moving up the southeast coast of the United States. The impact of this storm is tremendous and there will be a great need for help. 


Here at Kids Care Disaster Relief; we will be raising money with our own custom artwork, bracelets. All supplies are donated by local businesses so that we can donate 100 % of our proceeds to the people in need.

Items are available to purchase online or you can purchase directly from the kids that will be  volunteering at local venues throughout our community. You may also purchase from The Island Cow on Sanibel  and other participating businesses in the community.  

We have already raised over $20,000 since we started this labor of love last October 2018.  We have helped victims of Hurricane Micheal in Mexico City Beach  and surrounding areas as well as victims of last November’s California wildfires.


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“Kids Care Disaster Relief” 


How to help

After Hurricane Michael, we decided to form this charity foundation to help communities affected by this disaster. Simply by purchasing Hurricane Michael bracelets we will get the project started. Our goal is to build a children's network throughout the USA to raise money to help current and future national disasters within the United States.

By connecting Kids Care Disaster Relief with kids in other communities, we feel they will see that they can make a real difference. We hope this positive learning experience will benefit the children greatly, parents, and their communities.

We hope that you will share this website through social media with friends and family in support.

On November, 9  2018, foehn winds caused another round of large, destructive fires to erupt across the state. This new batch of wildfires includes the Woolsey Fire and Camp Fire, the latter of which has thus far killed 42 people and destroyed more than 7,177 structures, becoming both California's deadliest and most destructive wildfire on record


Hurricane Micheal hit Mexico Beach in Florida on 10/10/2018


California Wildfire started 11/09/2018

100% of our proceeds are getting donated directly to the hurricane victims. Some of our sponsors pay for all the expenses, like buying the bracelets, envelope and stamps. Please keep sharing our site and don't forget to leave a comment.